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Previous events

THELEMA NOW! Interview on Arthur Russell's music

Thelema Now, the radio blog of Aleister Crowley's Thelematic religious community, recently interviewed me on my dissertation on Arthur Russell. I totally failed when he asked me about my own work: "uhh, music." But I think I spoke some truth to Arthur.

Natural Magic 1, Third Angle's "Porch Music" concert

Jonathan Sielaff (Bass clarinet and effects) performs my new score, Natural Magic 1, for Third Angle's Porch Music concert on Saturday, June 18th.

New York Times, Arthur's Archives

Hi yall. My dissertation on Arthur Russell got some good love from the New York Times today. Arthur's archives are moving to the New York Public Library and I was honored to be interviewed for it. Read the article and listen to the podcast :)

Third Angle (Cage/Feldman) Concert Review

Zoomtopia, Portland

Hi, I recently wrote a review of a music concert for Oregon Arts Watch.. Hosted by Third Angle, the concert featured the music of John Cage, Morton Feldman, Anton von Webern, and Christian Wolff, as well as excerpts from radio conversations between Cage and Feldman. A great concert that had me focusing on the overlapping creative processes of these two amazing composers.

Matt Marble opens for 1955 at Rossi's

Rossi's, 401 Grove Street, Sonoma

I'll be singing a solo set of my songs, plus maybe some Meat Puppets or Freedom Singers. 1955 is a great rock band out of Sonoma (and Scribe Winery). Rossi's is my favorite place to see live music in Sonoma :)

$5 Age limit: 21+

Middle Of The Air • Official Release

My debut album, Middle Of The Air, with the Sharksleep ensemble and friends is now available for digital purchase/streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. Also on Bandcamp:


"The Hermes of Harlem" published in Abraxas Journal

My essay "The Hermes of Harlem" is now available in issue 6 from Abraxas Journal. The essay is about Robert T. Brown, who was deeply involved in Nationalist movement of Marcus Garvey, who lectured on Einstein and wrote esoteric mathematical treatises, who was nearly starved to death over 3 years as a WWII prisoner in the Philippines, and who returned to the states to found his own occult religion, The Hermetic Society for World Service, which is still internationally active today, decades after his death. A fascinating person. Check it out!

"Bear Of Heaven"/An Evening With Orland Nutt

Whitsell Auditoreum, 1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland

Via the NW Film Center: Director Orland Nutt introduces a 10 year retrospective of his short films, featuring the premiere screening of "Bear of Heaven." The sounds and music of Matt Marble have been present in the last four works by Nutt. "Bear of Heaven" is their wildest collaboration yet.

$9 General Admission

"MOOD RING" performed live in New York

New York

MOOD RING was the second formal composition I ever made. It was a conceptual, text-based score in which the performer plays a tone as he or she gazes into the eyes of an audience member. The dynamics of the piece alter according to the performer's felt sense of that person. This piece is featured in The Experimental Music Yearbook blog. This live performance, curated by EMY, was recorded in New York on June 22nd, 2014.

Ear|Wave|Event & "The Illusioned Ear"

My essay, "The Illusioned Ear," is now freely available on the new music blog, Ear|Wave|Event:

"The Illusioned Ear" is about the forgotten 19th century American musician, medium, and writer: Francis Grierson. The other authors and essays in this inaugural issue are fantastic. Honored to be involved.